Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Lacroix Sparkling Water Controversy: To Drink Or Not To Drink?

So you have a habit of chugging LaCroix sparkling water like it could save your life and now, after hearing all of the controversy about it, you are afraid it could actually contribute to ending it. Well let me help to clear a few things up for you, so you can go back to drinking your wonderfully fizzy beverage in peace. First let me give you a little disclaimer, I am no doctor and in this post I am not making medical claims and references for everything will be below. I am just doing this as someone that loves LaCroix (and sparkling water in general!) and does not want to see anyone that was using this as a way to kick their pop habit go back to it thinking they are better off doing so. So lets get into it! 

What are the claims being made? 
The claim is that the aforementioned sparkling water contains synthetic ingredients, limonene, linalool, and linalool propionate.

What is the big deal about these three ingredients?
Let's begin with linalool, this is the ingredient that has been spotlighted in every article in the news as an ingredient used in roach insecticides. I can see how that could cause hysteria in those who are not familiar with this ingredient, linalool is very natural and can be found in quite a few essential oils, including lavender. And has potential anti-cancer benefits by causing cancer cell apoptosis (all apoptosis means is that the cell basically commits suicide). 

Next up is linalool propionate, this can also be found in nature, ginger being one of those places, it is used to flavor food. And this is another possible cancer fighter.

Last but certainly not least in severity of health disturbing claims, is limonene, which in claims made against LaCroix was said to have caused renal toxicity and tumors... in rats. To make this claim sound even more ridiculous the latest study I could find supporting this was conducted in 1994, and none of which have been carried out on humans. This ingredient like the two listed above, is also found in nature by way of essential oils, with the highest concentrations being found in tangerine, grapefruit, and orange essential oils at 90%. And these ingredients, wait for it... have been shown in some studies to help fight some cancers or inhibit them all together. 

So what does all of this mean?
This just means that LaCroix is probably just fine to drink, I love LaCroix and was devastated when I heard that they were putting chemicals into their drinks, I felt like I had wasted money and put my health at risk. But upon hearing of the ingredients in question I quickly realized that these claims were probably baseless, but I understand that not everyone has knowledge of these ingredients and may go running for the hills when offered this sparkly drink from now on. But drop the running shoes for just a second and do your own research before giving up something you like for claims that probably don't mean much of anything. In my opinion your teeth have more of a chance of taking a hit from flavored sparkling water than your cells do because of the drinks pH. That is also not to say to stop drinking it, please in all cases of health claims (good or bad) that make their way to flashy headlines, do your own research then make a decision.

Good Health, Peace, & Love,