Saturday, December 29, 2018

2019 New Year's Resolutions!

Upon seeing the title of this post you probably think I am writing this to tell you all about my fabulous 2019 new years resolutions. But that is not what this is, well it kinda is but not quite, anyway I encourage you to tske the same approach that I am taking this year. Instead of concrete resolutions that I may or may not be able to accomplish I am simply looking to make improvements, not hardcore changes. Because let's be honest, how many times do they actually stick, sometimes maybe but most of the time, no. Just no. So in the new year instead of saying I am going to lose a ton of weight you may want to say I am going to focus on improving my health by changing the way I eat and/or increasing my activity level. Or spend more time addressing what could be causing the weight gain, whether that be illness, mental issues, etc., of course this is just an example but I feel like this is something a lot of people make a new year's resolution practically every year (myself included!). Whatever your new years resolution is, I encourage you to please change those resolutions to improvements and remember you are doing these things to make yourself better. Berating yourself if you don't get them right at any point just defeats the purpose of even improving yourself, so show yourself some love!

So on to my new year's goals!
  • Continue learning about holistic modalities.
  • Learn how to treat myself the way I try to treat others.
  • Get back on track with my water consumption.
These are just the top three things that I am hoping to improve in the new year, please feel free to tell me yours in the comments. If you are looking to improve your health in 2019 please also feel free to contact me by clicking on the "schedule an appointment" tab above to set up an appointment.

Here's to feeling good in the new year! *clinks champagne glasses full of organic champagne*

Good Health, Peace, & Love,