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Low-Waste/Zero Waste Products to Try!

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Chances are that you have either heard of or have seen just how much waste is in the ocean, from turtles with plastic straws in their noses to fish with stomachs full of plastic. We live in a society that deeply values convenience, which there is nothing wrong with that but when we start to make a mess of the planet we live on. And the other beings that inhibit it, it just might be time to rethink how and what we use to achieve this convenience. You may be wondering what exactly this has to do with the mind, body, and soul concept of holism, well the fact that I was contributing to pollution was causing me great mental and emotional turmoil. Let me preface this post by saying I am by no means zero waste and I may never be but I am trying my hardest to create less waste. This is just a list of things that I have already purchased or will be purchasing. If it is something that I have not purchased there will be an asterisk next to it. I hope this list helps and inspires you to make more sustainable choices!   

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Let's start with health & beauty, this was probably the hardest product change to wrap my head around, I am a total beauty junkie! But I will not be replacing a large chunk of the plastic packaged beauty products that I own once they are gone. The swaps are below!

· Bar soap (instead of body wash)
· Shampoo bar
· Bamboo toothbrushes *
· Wooden hair comb & brush *                                                                                             
If by some chance you have a product that you cannot swap for a more sustainable option look for a way to make that product more sustainable. For example the cleansing oil that I use comes in a plastic bottle but there are replacements that I buy that allow me to continuously use the same bottle.

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      · Glass, metal, or wheat straw containers
      · Metal or glass water bottle (If you bought a drink that is packaged in a glass bottle with a cap you can even reuse that, two for one, right?!)
      · Reusable sandwich/storage bags
      · Metal or bamboo straws
      · Mason jars (or just reuse jars)
      · Glass or ceramic reusable coffee cup
      · Reusable napkins *
      · Reusable paper towels*
      · Metal cups * (I added this to the list for people that have children that they do not want to use glass, metal can be used instead of plastic.)

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        Grocery Shopping
· Look for stuff with as little packaging as possible.
· Use reusable grocery bags (And if you are someone that likes to use produce bags they make reusable versions of those too!)
· Shop the bulk bin, things tend to be cheaper, you can use your own bags, and you can avoid 
food waste by getting what you need!

I am somewhat (okay, I am very much so) addicted to coffee, so this deserves a whole section by itself. There are soooo many sustainable options for making coffee, like a ridiculous amount. And I am sure I probably don't know them all but here some.
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· French press
· Moka pot (also called a stove top espresso maker)
· Vietnamese coffee maker
· Cezve (Turkish coffee pot)
· Chemex (or any pour over coffee maker) *
· Metal filter for pour over coffee maker *
· If you own a Keurig, use a reusable K-cup instead of buying single use ones. I would suggest using a darker roast coffee than you normally would if you like it strong.
· Make homemade cold brew (And I don’t mean using the
pre-measured cold brew packets at the store, those are a rip off 
and I am pretty sure they are not eco friendly.)

If you are always on the go and it is hard for you to commit to
making your own coffee then try to keep a cup in your bag or car. Most places will be happy to use that instead of one of their paper 
or plastic cups!

Well that is all for now, I have created a little sheet of these suggestions for quick referencing below. If you have any suggestions or questions please leave a comment!

Good Health, Peace, & Love,

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