Wednesday, January 8, 2020

How To Drink More Water

To start things off I'm not going to bore you with a lecture on the importance of water, chances are, if you've come looking for ways to drink more, you already know the importance of water. Below are tips that have personally helped me to drink more water and hopefully they will help you too!

Tip #1 Buy A Nice Water Bottle/Tumbler/Jar
This may seem so insignificant when all you're trying to do is guzzle down water. But think about it, the average person is more likely to reach for the aesthetically pleasing option over something that is just blah. It doesn't have to be an overpriced trendy bottle, it can be a cheap mason jar or a repurposed glass kombucha bottle. Whatever makes you happy and want to drink more water.
Tip #2 Keep Said Drinking Vessel Near You
No matter where you go (with the exception of some inappropriate circumstances) keep your water near you. Because how are you going to drink what you don't have?

Tip #3 Download A Water Drinking App
This is super helpful because what's worse than not drinking enough water? Drinking enough water but not knowing that you drank enough water because you didn't track it throughout the day. My favorite is Plant Nanny, not only do you get to track your water intake but you get to grow an adorable flower that grows as you track your water intake.

Tip #4 Turn It Into A Drinking Game  
This one is really fun and really easy, all you do is pick a T.V. show, YouTube video, even an album that you like. And listen for a keyword or phrase that you know you will hear a lot and drink everytime you hear that word or phrase. If it's an album you might want to drink everytime the chorus plays during each song.

Tip #5 Visualize Water
Saved the weirdest for last! This might truly sound like a weird tip but it is one that works (at least for me), visualize water. For me, thinking of super pure, super clean, beautiful bodies of water made me want to drink more water. Even picturing yourself in that water may help. Sounds weird but just try it.

And last but not least, if none of these tips work for you just thinking of how much water benefits your body can be enough to make you want to drink more. Health is a journey and everyone has their aspect of it that may be less than easy for them. For some people it's a struggle to give up junk food, some struggle with exercising, and others drinking water. Whatever it is know that the first step to improving is actually taking a step to start doing better. So whether that is getting in 32 ounces of water whereas you were only getting in 16 ounces on most days. So be it, that is where you are (now) and you will continue to improve. Just remember everyone's health journey looks different. Embrace yours.

Good Health, Peace, & Love,

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