Sunday, January 5, 2020

Ingesting Essential Oils: Safe or Not?

If you've been into holistic living for any amount of time chances are you have heard of people ingesting essential oils. Typically these people support or listen to the advice of certain essential oil companies that shall remain nameless (you probabaly can already guess what companies I'm talking about). This to me, is quite alarming for those that are either new to essential oils or are desperate to solve a particular health problem and think this is the way to go. So, the question is, is consuming essential oils internally safe? Well... yes and no. Believe it or not in some cases taking essential oils orally can actually be helpful but this should only be done when advised by a well educated professional, and I'm not talking about your friends hippie cousin who went on a weekend spiritual retreat and now thinks she's some magical healer. No, someone with real knowledge as to how essential oils can negatively effect you if used improperly and what oils you should never even think of taking internally. With these things being said, essential oils can safely be taken internally but extreme caution must be exercised as well as supervision by an educated professional. And even with that there is still a risk for irritation of the digestive tract. When dealing with essential oils a rule of thumb is to use them externally with a carrier oil and even at that I would recommend that you seek the advice of someone that knows what they are doing. Because even if oils are used externally there could still be irritation to the skin, this can depend on the oil and/or the skin sensitivity of the person using the essential oil. Take in all that holism has to offer but please make sure that you stay safe while doing so!

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